The director for the 2015 Sequim Irrigation Festival is Deon Kapetan.

The planning and organizing for the Sequim Irrigation Festival takes place all year long. Many different people, organizations and businesses are necessary to make it come together. Planning for all the events as well as other support activities happen all year long. You can read more about Deon here.

You can learn more about what it takes to put the festival on within the pages in this section. The people, organizations and businesses to make it happen are talked about in more detail within the Festival Committee, Sponsors and Volunteer! pages.

Festival Committee

A group of dedicated volunteers make up the Festival Committee. 2015 is the 5th year that Deon Kapetan has been the Festival Director. But it takes quite a few people to help her plan and organize the festival and all its supporting functions.


Individuals and businesses within the Sequim contribute money, goods and services to help put on the festival. We cannot put on the level of festival that we do without this help.


Hundreds of volunteers are necessary to make the festival happen. As the festival approaches many of the events have volunteer needs. This page discusses the role of the volunteer within the festival.

Logo Design

The planning for the next year’s festival begins almost as soon as the festival for the year ends. The first activity to happen is the logo design, which calls for the design of the next year’s logo design as well as the button design.

Media Resources

Equipment Rental