Marshall Phipps, Michaela Green, Logen Watkins, Owen Douglas

Greywolf Elementary:
Michaela Green

Sponsor: Nourish
Mrs. Burke

Bio: Princess Michaela is in Mrs. Burke’s 3rd grade class and enjoys sports and all forms of Art: singing, dancing, crafting, and acting. Michaela loves helping others and enjoys being a part of anything social. She is joining 4-H this year with her new kitten, Bella Rue. Her best buddy is her younger brother, Noah, who she adores. Michaela is a very kind hearted thoughtful young lady.

Michaela’s Essay:


Owen Douglas

Sponsor: Cherry Creek Mortgage Co
Teacher: Mrs. Green

Bio: Owen is #3 of out five kids. When Owen has free time, he enjoys playing and building with Legos, climbing trees and recently has taken an interest in drama/theatre. Owen is a compassionate young man and has been a vegetarian for two years. He is looking forward to the irrigation parade this year because it falls on his birthday weekend.

Owen’s Essay:


Helen Haller Elementary:
Logen Watkins

Sponsor: Glamorous Salon
Teacher: Mrs. Luengen

Bio: Logen is a very caring and loving person. Her little brother and sister adore her. Logen loves to sketch wildlife and loves to play basketball. She is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Luengen’s class where she is always willing to help her classmates. Logen enjoys walking the beaches looking for agates and shells. Her favorite part of the Irrigation Festival is meeting all the princesses.

Logen’s Essay:

“I think Sequim in the future will have more nature areas, trees and cops of lavenar, raspberries and blueberries. The rivers, lakes and creeks will be full of fish and salmon. There will be more stores, schools, hospitals and parks. People will be nice and welcome everyone. More people will visit Sequim for the pretty parks and nice people. That is what I think Sequim will look like in the future.”

Marshall Phipps

Sponsor: Brisk Printing
Teacher: Mrs. Riggs

Bio: Marshall is 9 years old and in Mrs. Riggs’ 3rd Grade class. He is very outgoing and makes friends easily. He loves school, his favorite subject is Math and PE and he is always eager to learn more. He is active in Taekwondo and is within 3 ranks of achieving his Black Belt. At home he enjoys playing outside, reading and doing treasure hunts with his two older brothers. Marshall is always on top of getting his homework done as soon as he gets home so he can go on an adventure outside or relax with a good book.

Marshall’s Essay: