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2015 Junior Royalty

McKenzie Patton, Michael Soto, Ava Fuller, Aiden Albers Photy by Ernst Ulrich SchaferEach year the junior royalty are chosen from the 3rd graders at Helen Haller and Greywolf Elementary schools. They are the winners of the 2015 essay contest answered the essay question. The winners were announced at the pageant on February 14, 2015. The Junior Royalty is as follows:

Aiden Albers, sponsored by Dungeness Kids Company, is in Mrs. Riggs 3rd grade class at Helen Haller Elementary. He enjoys school and strives to do his best. He is full of life, caring, fun, energetic and a good friend to his younger brother. Aiden enjoys participating in the yearly Sequim Fire Brigade collecting food and toys for the holidays. He is always eager to help others in his community. He and his younger brother look forward to the Irrigation Festival every year.

Essay: I love to live in Sequim because there are so many outdoor things to do. Some of my favorite things to do are skateboard at Carrie Blake Park, ride my bike on the Olympic Discovery Trail, visit the Audubon Center at the river, paddle board and look for baby crabs at John Wayne Marina, and walk to town and get treats from Hurricane Coffee, Red Dog and That Takes the Cake.

Ava Fuller, sponsored by Peninsula Awards, is also in Mrs. Riggs 3rd grade class at Helen Haller Elementary. She enjoys singing, dancing and acting in children's plays. Ava enjoys helping others and loves to make people smile and laugh. She is always eager to solve a good mystery. Currently, her favorite TV mystery is "Murder She Wrote". Her bulldog's name is Molly and her fish is named Sherman.

Essay: There are plenty of fun things to do in Sequim. For example, have you tried going camping at Voice of America? you can play on the beach and take a long hike to the Dungeness Lighthouse. There is also the Game Farm. You can see all sorts of animals including a waving bear. you can even enjoy many activities at the Dungeness River Festival. You might see people blowing bubbles bigger than you or do Zumba a time or two. In May Sequim celebrates the Irrigation Festival. There's a carnival, fireworks and a Grand Parade. Sequim is Fun a Plenty!

Michael Soto, sponsored by Brisk Printing and Copy, is in the 3rd grade at Greywolf Elementary. Michael is a fun-loving, sweet boy! he enjoys spending weekends at his grandmother's house and going to Sunday school. He loves animals of all kinds, especially cats. His favorite hobby is creating things with Legos. He recently broke his arm while roller skating for the first time, BUT that hasn't stopped him from getting a crown!

Essay: How would you like to go horse-back riding? It's like you are in heaven! You will get such a boost up so you can see all the sights in beautiful Sequim. Also, you can touch the trees while riding your horse. Happiness will then come to your heart. And finally, you will have fun!

McKenzie Paton, sponsored by Fine Art Portraits, is 9 years old and a 3rd grade student at Greywolf Elementary. Her favorite subjects are math and reading. McKenzie also loves animals and is working hard to become a veterinarian.

Essay: The most enjoyable place in Sequim is the beach. At the beach I like to climb huge rocks, walk on the beach, walk in the water and pick up colorful rocks. We sometimes eat lunch there too. I enjoy the great blue skies. The people there are so nice. They sometimes bring their dogs. One time two people brought their horses with them. I couldn't believe my eyes! The horses rolling int he sand.! I would recommend the beach in Sequim.