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2014 Junior Royalty

2014 Jr. Royalty; Alliyah, Brett, Julie and Espn, photo by Lynn HortonEach year the junior royalty are chosen from the 3rd graders at Helen Haller and Greywolf Elementary schools. They are the winners of the 2014 essay contest answered the question: "From the mountains to the sea, what are your favorite things to see?".

The 2014 Junior Royalty were announced at the Pageant on March 1, 2014.

Alliyah Weber, sponsored by Sequim Beauty Salon, is 8 years old and in Mrs. Wall's 3rd grade class at Helen Haller Elementary school. Her parents are Carl and Asma, and she has one brother, Sean, and 3 cats and 1 dog. Alliyah loves gymnastics. She is at the highest level of team gymnastics as Sequim Acrobats. She enjoys science and will be competing for the second year in a row at the Washington State Science Fair. She loves being outdoors and enjoys soccer. Alliyah's pastimes include reading, writing and playing with her American Girl dolls.

Essay: What makes Sequim so Beautiful? The majestic Olympic mountains towering behind us, protecting us from the weather and gating the way to the great Olympic National Park and beyond. The busy Strait of Juan de Fuca, Pacific Ocean in sight, sunsets in the evening and starry haze by night. What makes Sequim so beautiful? Lavender among city streets, elk welcoming all that drive by, and that warming small town feel. Rivers rushing in the summer bringing salmon in the fall. From the mountains to the sea Sequim is the most beautiful place to be.

Brett Mote, sponsored by Kiwi's Fish and Chips, is 9 years old and in the 3rd grade at Helen Haller Elementary school. His parents are Jerry and Tiffani, and he has 1 brother, Lane, and 2 sisters, Madeline and Ella. His grandparents are Bill and Sharon Westrem and he has an aunt Ashley Westrem, who is a senior at SHS. Brett's hobbies are football, basketball and baseball. He enjoys the rodeo and church activities. When Brett grows up he wants to be a professional football player and pastor. He loves his family and friends and is excited to be part of the Irrigation Festival.

Essay: "Mountains to Sea A Pristine Place to Be". I look out my window on a windy day and I see the oceans white caps splashing away. I walk downtown on a summer day and I see all the flowers have come out to play. The lavender colors, the fields and mountains touch the sky. Sequim is a home to the elk and I hope they never say goodbye. If you ask me Sequim is a Pristine place to be.

Julia Jeffers, sponsored by Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade at Greywolf Elementary School. She has lived her whole life with her parents, Bill and Heather. Julia loves art and music as well as sports. She plays the piano and loves to sing. She likes to ski and golf and also plays soccer and basketball. Julia is an avid reader and loves school. She thinks Greywolf is the best school ever.

Essay: When I look out my window I see the crystal clean mountains and the beautiful blue water. I love living in Sequim. Evergreen trees growing in my yard. What a pristine place to be! Sequim is a beautiful place to live, mountains surround us, water for boating, and evergreen tree forests. The air is very sweet. Sequim is a perfect place to see mountains, to boat in lakes, to smell evergreen trees. According to me Sequim is a perfect place to be.

Espn Judd, sponsored by Dungeness Kids Company, is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Quinet's class at Greywolf Elementary School. His parents are Jason and Alisha, and he is the big brother to one brother, Aason, and 2 sisters, Azlynn and EveLynn. Espn is a big sports fan and he enjoys playing flag football and basketball, but his favorite is pitching on his baseball team. Espn is a Bear in his local cubscount troop. he loves all the fun things he does in cubscouts. When he grows up he wants to be a chiropractor and take over his dad's business, Sorensen Chiropractic. Espn is excited to be crowned prince for this year's festival.

Essay: Sequim has the most beautiful mountains we see every day. The clean air are from the trees. The beautiful sight of the green fields. The clear sea that shows off its blue color that Sequim loves. The beaches that are clean most of the time. It's water that we sail on and we can play in. The forests that have soft limbs and the light green leaves. The town that we know as Sequim the most beautiful place I know. I know the mountains are beautiful because of the beautiful sight I can see from my house.