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2015 Grand Marshal

Grand Marshals Tawana & Joe Borden, Photo by Ernst Ulrich SchaferEach year the Grand Marshal is selected by the Irrigation Festival Committee as someone who has made significant contributions to the community. The Grand Marshal for the 2015 Irrigation Festival are Joe and Tawana Borden.

Joe and Tawana say it feels wonderful to be named grand marshals. "I've enjoyed having the opportunity to name other grand marshals," Joe said, "and now that we've retired from the festival after 18 1/2 years, it's an honor."

Joe is originally from New Jersey and Tawana from Alaska, and the Festival has meant a lot to the Bordens since moving here in 1986. "It's been all about the community", Joe said. "Every year you meet new people and have new adventures and it's kept us young."

The Bordens moved to Sequim after Joe retired from the U.S. Army after 20 years. Then he spent another 20 years selling car parts for different companies. Tawana continues here career part-time in banking.

They've been married 45 years and have a son and daughter - Chuck and Connie.

Their favorite part of the festival is the parade. Joe said he's enjoyed them since he was young. "I was in my first parade in New Jersey and I've enjoyed parades ever since" he said.