2017 Storyline & Logo

The Irrigation Festival has rolled out its 2017 Storyline & Logo.

“122 Skies of Blue”

Take a trip back in time, and imagine sitting on a blanket in the grass. You gaze up at the Olympic Mountains, with the sun shining down on the snow and ice and the meadows abloom with wildflowers. A gentle salt-scented breeze blows off the Strait of Juan de Fuca, mingling with the soft, sweet smell of pine. There’s not a cloud in the brilliant blue sky on this day in the rain shadow. Off in the distance to the East, the soft drone of an unknown source grows louder and closer. Within minutes, you again look skyward to see the origin of this buzzing, only to set eyes on something you have never seen before. It’s a biplane, like you have read about in the newspaper, and it swoops down from above and flies mere feet above the grass in which you are standing, sizing up the barn at the edge of the field. Your pulse quickens as your heart beats faster, as it swings around for another pass, only this time it dives down and amazingly flies through the open doors of the barn and then peels upward into the sky of blue, only to continue on its course to the West, looking for the next thrill.

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